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Support Refugees in Ukraine

Two weeks on from the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the country’s citizens continue to live under siege, bravely trying to safeguard their security and safety.

Just as our shared values of common humanity and human rights guide our investments in Israel, we look at the ongoing tragedy in Eastern Europe and do what we can to assist

You can help us to support important humanitarian aid for Ukrainians seeking safety and refugee, including across the border in Poland.

Around the world, NIF is raising $80,000 to enable our long-time partners, the Zionist youth movement Hashomer Hatzair, to open four centres for refugees.

This rapid response grant will allow Hashy to provide food, tents, generators, lighting, batteries, supplies, children’s programs, and transportation for volunteers and refugees. Hashomer Hatzair is also partnering with another funder to ensure social workers and doctors are available to those fleeing the war.

Hashy has been running programs in Ukraine for years so the strength of their networks and local connections are instrumental in ensuring they can quickly ramp up these efforts.

It’s rare for NIF to put out a call to support work outside Israel. We hope you can join NIF in stepping up to fund this important work.